Knowing When To Repair Or Replace Your Slate Roof

Posted on: 26 July 2015

Slate is considered a highly durable style of roof. Typically, homeowners can get by with very little maintenance and still have a roof that lasts a number of years. Even with all its durability, there does come a point when the lifespan of a slate roof will expire. Determining exactly when this point is can be difficult. Knowing whether it's time to repair your slate roof or replace it can be challenging. Here are a couple of things to consider that can assist you with making your decision.


Delamination is often the result of moisture being absorbed into slate over a long period of times. When moisture is absorbed, it causes a reaction within the minerals naturally found in slate that causes it to harden and separate. A simpler way to describe this issue would be flaking. Slate tiles plagued by this problem can chip or flake off from something as minor as wind or rain.

Simply replacing the tiles that are showing signs of delamination is not the solution. It's best to replace the entire roof. First, in addition to moisture retention, delamination is also a sign of severe aging. Secondly, the flaking that is taking place is only a part of the problem. By the time damage is visible on the tile's surface, there is a significant amount of damage in the under layers (e.g. tar paper and roofing felt) that can quickly spread throughout the roof. A complete replacement is a better solution.

Missing Or Misaligned Tiles

A common issue that can leave many homeowners confused is missing or misaligned tiles. The reason for confusion is that these problems could be a sign of both a minor problem or something more significant. In terms of a minor issue, the reason for the misaligned or missing tile could be as simple as poor installation. In terms of a more serious problem, this could be a sign of severe water retention.

If the reason for this problem is water retention, the other tiles that are near the damaged tile should be buckling or coming loose. In this case, it's a good idea to replace your entire roof because this means that water has penetrated into the under layers. If the tiles around the damaged slate are intact, this likely is a minor installation error that could easily be repaired.

Knowing whether a simple repair or a complete replacement is in order can save you a lot of stress and money. If you're in doubt, don't hesitate to talk with a place like Legacy Restoration & Construction LLC for assistance.