Three Sources Of Lead Paint In The Home And Community

Posted on: 3 August 2015

Lead paint was a popular option for homes and other buildings leading up to the year 1978. Properties built after that should be clear of lead paint due to the government placing a federal ban on it due to several health problems it can cause. There are still several old buildings which may have lead paint inside, which is why lead paint abatement is so serious and needs to be done correctly. Here are several sources where you can be exposed to lead paint and risk exposure to lead poisoning.


As mentioned above, many older homes still have lead paint in the property. It can be tricky to know if your home has lead paint in it because most of the walls have been painted over by the time you move into the house. The exposure to the lead may be sufficiently covered if the paint that is covering it is in good shape. The problem occurs when that paint begins to peel or chip due to normal wear and tear or damage to the wall. Even damp paint can leak lead into the home. If you suspect the house has lead paint, a routine check of window sills, doors, and banisters is important since these are the most common places to show damage.


Some old playground equipment may be covered with lead paint. Due to the constant exposure to the elements, this paint typically chips much quicker than lead paint inside properties. Also, certain rubber or turf that is used on the playground can contain traces of lead. If you or your child has been exposed to lead paint and it isn't in your home, it is a good place to check the local playground as the source.


Dust from lead-containing products can make its way into your home and expose you to lead. If you or someone who lives with you works in an industry where they are exposed to lead paint, it can contaminate their clothing or shoes and bring the lead into the property. Painting contractors or construction workers are at a high risk for dealing with lead paint contaminated buildings during their work days. It is important for them to change clothing and remove shoes before entering the home.


Living in a home with lead paint can make you and the other occupants very ill. It is important that you do not try to remove the lead paint yourself. A professional such as Colfax Corporation should be contacted to safely remove all lead paint from your property.