How to Reattach Tiles And Apply Grout In A Shower Stall

Posted on: 6 March 2016

If water damage in your bathroom caused some tiles to come loose from the shower stall, learn how to reattach them and add grout in areas needed with the following steps. Once you have finished making the repairs, the shower stall can be used and the tiles will remain intact.


  • towels
  • electric heater
  • bucket
  • water
  • detergent
  • sponges
  • putty knife
  • tube of tile adhesive
  • bucket of grout
  • trowel

Clean The Shower Stall Walls And Remove Old Grout

If the shower stall walls are still saturated with water, dry them by placing an electric heater outside of the stall and aiming it towards the wet spots on the walls. Clean the walls with a damp, soapy sponge. If any grout is stuck on the wall where the missing tiles once were attached, gently scrape it off with a putty knife. Rinse the walls off with plain water and dry them with a towel when finished.

Attach The Tiles And Apply Grout

Squeeze a tube of tile adhesive across the back of one of the tiles. Use a putty knife to spread the adhesive out evenly. Place the tile in one of the areas where a tile is missing and press it firmly against the wall until it adheres. Apply adhesive to any other tiles that need to be reattached and press them against the wall. Wait several hours for the adhesive to dry.

Apply an event coat of tile grout on the end of a trowel. Insert the trowel between adjoining tile pieces that do not have any grout present, Use the end of a putty knife to scrape the grout from the trowel and into the joints. Smooth out the grout with a putty knife. If any grout gets onto the front of some of the tiles, use a damp sponge to remove it. The grout will take a while to dry. Read the instructions on the back of the bucket that the grout came in to determine how long you may need to wait.

Protect The Tiles And Grout From Damage

Once the grout is dry, you can take a shower whenever you would like and will not need to worry about the tiles coming loose. It is a good idea, however, to dry the tile walls off with a towel after showering. By doing so, you will further protect the tiles and grout so that they remain damage-free.

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