Attack & Prevent Mold in Your Living Room

Posted on: 9 July 2019

Areas that do not receive direct sunlight, are poorly ventilated, and are subjected to moisture are often affected by mold growth. If you have heavy draperies covering the picture windows in your living room and have recently noticed black spots that have formed on the window casings and walls, mold is the culprit and this annoying fungus can grow and spread across other parts of the room, affecting the air quality and beauty of the room.

You can fight back with mold remediation methods and preventive measures.

Remove the Drapes & Attack the Mold

Eliminating the favorable conditions for mold growth will prevent the problem from worsening, but you will need to treat the mold that is present to entirely rid your residence of the problem. Mold spores can become airborne and embed themselves in your carpeting, furnishings, or porous surfaces. The first thing that you need to do is remove the drapes and open the windows so that fresh air enters your home.

There are many mold-killing products on the market, which include foggers, foam penetrators, and sprays. These types of products may be designated for use on specific materials, so it is a good idea to do some research on the products so that you can choose one that will be suitable for use on the mold-covered surfaces.

The draperies have been subjected to mold and unless you plan on having the fabric professionally cleaned, it is best to dispose of the window coverings and replace them with wooden or vinyl blinds or a lighter fabric window covering that is constructed of breathable fabric.

Apply the mold removal product that you have selected and wait for it to penetrate the mold. During the application process, you could inhale mold spores. Wear a respirator mask during the application. A scrub brush or sponge can be used to assist with the treatment. After rinsing the casings and walls with warm water, dry each surface thoroughly.

Use a steam cleaner to clean carpeting and a fabric cleaner that contains a mold-killing agent to clean furnishings that are in the room. Refrain from hanging blinds or drapes until you are certain that all of the treated surfaces have had plenty of time to dry.

Install a Dehumidifier & a Fan

Installing a dehumidifier and a fan will eliminate moisture buildup and will promote air circulation. Uncover the windows regularly to allow sunlight to filter through. If privacy is a big concern, add some film to the windowpanes, which will still allow light to enter the room, but will prevent people outdoors from being able to see into your living room.

If your home has bigger mold issues or your home was recently the victim of water damage, consider reaching out to mold removal services to ensure all the mold is safely removed and addressed.