Foundation Repair: Does Your Fixer-Upper Home Need It?

Posted on: 5 February 2021

Buying a fixer-upper home means you have lots of projects to worry about. While many of them are cosmetic when it comes to repairs, others are not. Foundation repair, if it's needed, should be the first thing you do to make your home sound. Whether you plan on living in your fixer-upper home or selling it for profit on the market, hire a house foundation repair contractor if you have any of the following issues with your home's foundation.

The floors are uneven

If you feel like you're walking downhill when you enter a room in your fixer-upper home, you might not be imagining things. One of the signs of foundation repair needs is the presence of uneven or slanting floors. Make note of where floors feel like they're sagging — which can be more prevalent in the kitchen or bathroom where moisture is present — and speak to foundation repair specialists to see if your fixer-upper needs foundation repair done.

The windows and doors don't fit

Does it seem like every door in the home is not quite fitting in its frame and that the windows are jammed when you try to open or close them? Are there noticeable gaps in every door and window? If the home needs foundation repair and is uneven in its foundation, the doors and windows will become off their centers as a result. Foundation repair can be affordable and costs a bit above $4,000 to perform on average, so have your foundation repair contractors make the necessary upgrades to your home's foundation before any other renovation work is done.

There are cracks everywhere

Your fixer-upper home might be riddled with cracks in the walls and ceilings, which is common in all homes as they settle into their foundations. Changes in temperature or ground moisture can make a home shift slightly in its foundation and can worsen with time if there are underlying foundation problems as well. Have a house foundation repair specialist inspect your fixer-upper home, especially if the house is older and has lots of foundation cracks in it. The sooner you have repairs done, the more you can preserve your investment and save money on the repairs in general.

A fixer-upper home may require lots of work to make the property sound, and foundation repair might be one of them. Only a professional inspection by a home foundation repair specialist will tell you for sure, so don't hesitate to get a professional assessment on your fixer-upper home's foundation if you have any concerns. Contact a foundation repair service for more information.