• Cleaning Up A Suicide Scene: The General Process

    Some suicides leave behind more than just family members grieving. After the police have removed the body and taken all of the photos and evidence they need, it is time to call in suicide cleanup services. Here is a glimpse at the general process, and how each step is handled.  ​Tweezing Out the Hard Bits Walls and floors cannot be scrubbed if there are hard remnants of bullets, shotgun shot, or bone remaining.
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  • 3 Important Maintenance Steps For Residential Foundations

    The foundation is one of the most important aspects of your home. When it gets damaged, a number of other structural issues could result. You can avoid these costly repairs, though, by maintaining your foundation in the following ways.  1. Maintain Moisture Levels  When it gets excessively dry and then excessively wet, the soil around your home's foundation expands and contracts. When this happens too many times, cracks can start developing.
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