• Attack & Prevent Mold in Your Living Room

    Areas that do not receive direct sunlight, are poorly ventilated, and are subjected to moisture are often affected by mold growth. If you have heavy draperies covering the picture windows in your living room and have recently noticed black spots that have formed on the window casings and walls, mold is the culprit and this annoying fungus can grow and spread across other parts of the room, affecting the air quality and beauty of the room.
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  • Four Things A Vacuum Cleaner Dealer Can Do That A Retail Store Can't

    Sure, you can probably get an amazing deal on that vacuum that you have always wanted from a retail store, but what else can you buy for the vacuum from that same store? If you are lucky, you will be able to get the dirt collection bags, if you get a vacuum that uses them, but that is about it. Why not seek out a vacuum cleaner dealer and his/her shop instead?
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  • Why You Need A Restoration Professional To Help With Fire Damage

    A fire in your home can create a lot of damage directly and indirectly. You may be tempted to clean up the mess and make repairs on your own if the fire was a small one, but that might not be the best choice. Here are some reasons it's important to consider using a professional fire restoration company to get your house safe again. There Could Be Toxins In The Air
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